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Intraoral Camera :

Before you start imagining the dentist trying to put something the size of a point-&-shoot camera in your mouth, you should know that intraoral cameras are very small. In fact, they're only about the size of an extra thick marker. The reality is that many dental conditions don't cause pain or visual signs that you can easily see with the naked eye. This sometimes makes it hard for patients to understand what the dentist is seeing that led to a certain diagnosis. Luckily, intraoral cameras are hooked up to a TV screen or computer monitor right next to the dental chair. That means the dentist can show you instantly what the camera sees. So, if you have swollen gums or a broken filling, you & the dentist can be on the same page about the problem, even if you aren't feeling any discomfort from it.

What Is An Intraoral Camera? :

Put simply, an intraoral camera is a small imaging device that captures photos of the inside of your mouth. In contrast to x-rays, which can show the internal structures of your teeth & jaw, an intraoral camera shows the outside of your teeth & gums in high detail. Compared to dental x-rays, which have been around since x-rays were discovered in the 1890s, intraoral cameras have been in widespread use only since the 1990s. Once a few dentists started using them, the rest caught on quickly, as we realized how they could revolutionize patient care & diagnosis. We consider the use of an intraoral camera at our practice to be a part of our basic equipment setup & we're proud to have this powerful tool handy to help educate our patients & spot problems such as tooth decay & damaged teeth or restorations.

How An Intraoral Camera Works :

It Seems Like Our Patients Are Busier & Busier Lately. With All The Running Around That Comes With Modern Life, It's Easy To Let Your Obligation To Your Smile Fall Through The Cracks. That's Why We're Committed To Making Dental Care As Convenient & Accessible As Possible By Being A Dentist That's Open On Saturdays & Sundays. We Believe That Dentists That Are Open On Weekends offer better Access To Preventive Care, Such As Cleanings & Exams. Better Access To Preventive Care Means Fewer Big Dental Problems In The Future, Which Means Less Discomfort, Pain & Expense. We Don't Want You To Have To Choose Between Work Or School & Keeping Your Smile Healthy.

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