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Your Child's First Exam

We're happy to work with your child at each of their developmental stages.

Many parents wonder why it's important to take care of their children's baby teeth (or as we call them, primary teeth) when they will just be replaced with adult teeth in a few years or less. Besides the importance of children learning good dental habits to carry with them through their lives, teeth are essential for speaking & eating. Children with bad or missing teeth may have trouble speaking with confidence or eating the food they need to grow. Additionally, poor dental health is one of the main reasons children miss school—think about how hard it is to concentrate on work or to get quality sleep when you have a toothache!

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We believe that affordable dental care should be available to everyone. Your dental hygiene should never be lessened due to whether or not you have dental insurance. That's why we offer cash pricing for cleaning and polishing for only $99! This includes 2 units scaling, 2 Bitewing x-rays, and exam.

When Should A Child First See A Dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends taking your child to his or her first dental exam within 6 months of when they get their first tooth. This might seem early, but it's never too early to start forming a positive relationship with a dentist! Plus, children who have a good relationship with their dentist are more likely to be well-behaved at dental visits & form good dental habits that prevent costly dental work in the future.

Procedure Overview

At those early appointments, we can show you how to care for your child's teeth. We can also talk about things that can support dental health, like fluoride & diet choices. As your child grows, their appointments will start to look similar to your own regular visits, with cleanings & cavity checks. Regular visits also allow us to track your child's dental needs so we can develop a personalized dental plan as they grow.

We serve Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Waterdown, and surrounding areas.

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